Ovidiu Tintas

Ovidiu Tintas - Industrial Construction Engineer - Founder of ITOR

Graduating in 2017 as an Industrial Construction Engineer from the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Métiers (ECAM) in Brussels, after more than 5 years working as a Project Manager in a class 8 general company, I decided to take on a new challenge by creating the company ITOR. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family and after completing my engineering studies at ECAM, I decided to broaden my experience by working for a class 8 general contractor as a Project Manager. This enabled me to broaden my experience in monitoring large-scale projects (over 20 million euros). During this time, I was contacted on several occasions to carry out stability studies for single-family homes. By combining my experience in the family business specializing in residential building execution, my studies at ECAM and the experience gained in the class 8 general contractor specializing in large-scale building execution, I have been able to provide various customers with solutions to all types of problems in all areas of construction. Our address book will help you achieve your desired projects and goals.